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About us

Our Mission “Impact on society, through knowledge transfer”

Our Strategy

  • TTO is the partner within the Erasmus MC community for managing valorization
  • TTO is an aligned professional team, bringing Erasmus MC derived IP to society
  • TTO demonstrates its contribution to Erasmus MC’s socio-economic impact
  • TTO shall operate within clear boundaries

Erasmus MC TTO

“Erasmus MC TTO was founded in 2003 and is a professional team with scientific, business and legal expertise. We help Erasmus MC employees to bring their ideas and innovations to the market which improve health and patient care and facilitate the collaboration between business and academia.

TTO is subdivided in Business Development (8 people), Legal (10 people) and Support (3 people). The services of TTO range from early evaluation of ideas from Erasmus MC employees to  protection and  licensing of intellectual property (IP).

Furthermore, we also provide legal services to all kind of contractual arrangements linked to collaborations for the development and/or protection of Erasmus MC’s IP position.

We manage the Erasmus MC Incubator, and give support and follow up on the investment funds in which we participate.”