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Erasmus MC Partners and Investors

Aspiring entrepreneur(s)? Apply for ErasSupport

Finding additional capital to commercialize a business idea is a necessary rite of passage for every entrepreneur, but it can be a huge headache if the business is at a very early stage. Most financing options are focused on investments in a later stage, which are not always available for newer entrepreneurs.

Erasmus MC, with financial support from RVO (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland), has created ErasSupport, an investment tool specifically for early-stage companies and aspiring entrepreneurs.*

ErasSupport provides a maximum loan of €20,000 per project and access to a network of innovation-focused organizations in the Netherlands, particularly in the Rotterdam region. This will give entrepreneurs the chance to connect with existing entrepreneurs, hone their entrepreneurial skills and pick up valuable tips and tricks! The initial funding and networking will allow entrepreneurs to accelerate their venture’s growth and make it more attractive for future investors.

For more information about the fund, please send an email to


*Please note that companies and aspiring entrepreneurs must be affiliated with Erasmus MC. This means that accepted applicants are either a spin-off company of Erasmus MC, employees or students.